Small Group Personal Training

We specialise in large group outdoor classes, but we also offer our members the opportunity to train in a smaller, more intimate setting. These Small Group Personal Training sessions are based inside our studio and utilise a range of different equipment and techniques to take your strength to another level.

Small Group Personal Training delivers a personalised experience but without the price of a typical 121 Personal Training session. Each session is expertly coached by either Katie or Don and has a maximum of 4 members. This ensures precise guidance can be provided to each member to allow them to refine their technique and maximize results.

Small Group Personal Training sessions can be very motivating. A smaller group environment allows you to get closer to other members and share your strength goals.

This supportive environment can help you dig a bit deeper and find that extra injection of energy that is sometimes needed to help you feel more confident and motivated towards hitting your goals.

Complement your Small Group Personal Training with our larger outdoor group fitness classes. These classes are always varied, so you get a bit of everything – strength work, functional fitness, cardio and endurance. Our friendly and energetic environment will leave you feeling challenged and motivated after each class.