Group Fitness

Our group fitness classes are open to everyone, from beginner to advanced. Regardless of ability, we give every member the support they need to achieve the results they’re looking for. Our friendly and energetic environment will leave you feeling challenged and motivated after each class. We carefully design our program to gradually increase the intensity of classes over time meaning you’ll become stronger and fitter but without the risk of injury.

Our group classes focus on the key fundamentals of fitness – strength, cardio and mobility and are designed to improve your overall physique. We have a variety of kit to keep classes varied and challenging including kettlebells, dumbells, medicine balls, ski ergs, rowers and assault bikes. We have access to the extensive rugby pitches and fields on site which we use to incorporate the running aspects of our programming.

Our purpose built outdoor training zone has an artificial surface perfect for all types of group classes, and with flood lighting, means we can train all year round in all weather conditions. Our members find the fresh outdoor air and sunlight provides more energy for the mind and body. In fact, studies have shown that outdoor training lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, meaning you can push yourself harder outdoors and maximise your performance!

HYROX is a sport for everybody for both professional athletes, and everyday fitness enthusiasts looking to take their training to the next level.

Horsham Fitness are an official HYROX partner, meaning we can provide our members with HYROX specific classes, programming and training plans. Plus early bird ticket access and discounted event entry prices.

In 2023 we had over 65 members compete in London HYROX events. Members are hitting new levels of fitness and enjoying the competition HYROX brings.

Our Small Group Personal Training is a great compliment to our group fitness classes as it’s a more personalised experience but without the price of a typical 121 Personal Training session. The classes are guaranteed to have no more than 4 members allowing us to tailor the class to your individual needs.