Group Fitness

Group Fitness: Not your regular Bootcamp

Working together, getting results together

Being fit is a very personal thing. For some people it’s about being the best in their sport, for others it’s about not being out of breath going up the stairs. The one thing our customers ALL have in common is that they want to FEEL GREAT EVERY DAY, and that is exactly what Horsham Fitness is all about!

This isn’t just another faceless bootcamp! Our group fitness sessions are heavily focused on the concept of team spirit and people bringing the best out of each other to achieve their fitness goals. We pride ourselves on the sense of camaraderie we create with our customers and our group fitness sessions are the perfect place for this!

At Horsham Fitness we use a combination of training methods to motivate and inspire you to levels of fitness you didn’t think possible. With a mix of interval, strength, endurance and power training Horsham Fitness will meet your exercise needs over a 6 week progressive training programme.

With this new concept of training you will get stronger, your cardiovascular fitness will improve, and you will burn calories and watch your body change. You may opt for a single programme or choose a more long term approach (some people stay with us for years!) For those who stay long term we run a 6 week on, 1 week off programme.

So why not join one of our group fitness sessions and get fit whilst making new friends at the same time?

Frequently asked questions:

What do I need to wear?

Layers of comfortable clothing so you can remove one as you get hot and keep warm when you cool down. Please wear trainers, these do not need to be expensive but they must be comfortable.

What do I need to bring?

Yourself and a full water bottle.

Where and when are sessions held?

Click here for details.

Can I just drop in?

No problem but please be aware that if it’s your first time please come 10 minutes earlier as your will need to complete a PAR Q form prior to starting the session.

What does it cost?

Please see our pricing schedule here.

What if I miss a session?

No problem, there are plenty of opportunities to make the time up. If you have a long term injury then we can discuss joining a future 6 week to success programme.

Can I start midway through the 6 week program?

Yes! If you have missed the initial 6 week start date then don’t worry just contact us and we will get you exercising as soon as possible.

I’m in a sports team, can you train us all

Oh yes. We have coached many sports teams and would be delighted to help, just email or call us for details.

Is there parking?

Yes plenty! Free on site parking for over 300 cars!