Class Times

Each class is 45-60 mins long and class content varies from strength to cardio and endurance. We use the “Spond” app to stay in touch with you and post daily workouts, nutrition guidance and social events.

Booking on is essential, as is punctuality as the warmup is a crucial part of each session.

  Morning Evening
MONDAY 06:00am 09:30am 10:30am 17:30pm 18:30pm
TUESDAY 07:00am 09:15am 12:30pm 17:30pm 18:30pm
WEDNESDAY 06:00am 07:00am 09:30am 17:30pm 18:30pm
THURSDAY 06:00am 09:30am 17:30pm 18:30pm
FRIDAY 06:00am 09:30am 10:30am 17:30pm
SATURDAY 07:30am 08:30am 09:30am  
SUNDAY 08:30am  

Class Prices

Essentials Plan

2 classes per week

Kickstart your fitness journey with two classes a week. Perfect for beginners or those maintaining their routine. 

Active Plan

3 classes per week

Elevate your workouts with three weekly classes. Ideal for those seeking more intensity and variety.

Unlimited Plan

Unlimited classes per week

Unlock unlimited access to all our classes. Experience ultimate flexibility for your fitness goals.

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll have access to our expert instructors and supportive community to keep you motivated every step of the way.

You can also spread your classes out across the month to suit your lifestyle. For example if you’re on the Active Plan, you could choose to do 2 classes one week and 4 the next.


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