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What is Hyrox?…the new functional fitness race everyone’s talking about!

Held indoor the atmosphere is electric with music pumping, comperes hosting live action and spectators cheering you every step of the way.

Launched in 2017, and now sponsored by Red Bull, Hyrox is designed for the everyday athlete to professionals who compete in its world championships to win a combined prize pot of $150,000 (£118,000).

Between the 1km splits the functional workout stations comprise of:

  • 1000m ski erg
  • 50m sled push
  • 50m sled pull
  • 80m burpee broad jumps
  • 1000m row erg
  • 200m farmers carry
  • 100m walking lunges
  • 100 wall balls.


With 4 different categories to choose from Hyrox is a sport for everyone.

Take Hyrox on by yourself in the Open or Pro category. The Pro level for the more experienced racer with heavier weights and the Open the standard achievable race.

Take on Hyrox with a teammate in the Doubles categories where you both run the full 8km but split the workout stations however you like, you go I go style.

Or alternatively Hyrox also hosts a Relay category where you can split the race 4 ways with each member completing 2 x 1km runs and 2 workout stations.

About half of Hyrox is running and making your “comfortable” 1k pace one that won’t burn you out for the workout station ahead and one that you can then resume and maintain after each workout station is paramount.

Running training is therefore high on the agenda, initially building a solid running base and then adding “compromised running”, a term which basically means running on tired legs i.e. after each workout station.

Short for ergometer there are two in the race, the ski erg and the classic rowing machine. A fairly paced 1000m on both of these will see you getting through them in about 4-5 minutes.

Get efficient at them both but not workout stations to stress over getting an extra 20s quicker as unless you’re at a high level those extra 20s won’t boost your overall time only make you tired quicker.

The second and third workout station is a weighted sled push and pull, an exercise that if you’ve never done before, can come as a shock moving along a high friction carpet. A must practice one beforehand for technique and a “not to go too hard to soon” workout station.

Get the sled elements out of the way and you’re well into the race.

The most dreaded workout station, the burpee broad jumps.

Pacing and strategy is essential as 80m of these can seem to go on forever. Having a strategy and sticking to it will help you get through these as they can get tough pretty quickly if not.

Again pacing and strategy is key to the leg burning lunges, make a plan of how to break the 100m up and stick with it. At this stage you’re well into the second part of the race, the time to start enjoying yourself!

The farmers carry probably the best workout station. Get a good grip on the weights and get moving with either a walk, a trot or for the advanced a slow jog.

Hyrox’s last station,100 wall balls, launching a heavy medicine ball out of a squat position up to a target up to 3m above.

It’s devilishly easy to be called for a “no rep” if your squat isn’t low enough, or the ball hits the rim of the target rather than the centre or you miss altogether.

100 of these at the end of a gruelling race will really test your endurance, accuracy and overall strength to the max.

Try to enjoy!

Run your own race, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the challenge Hyrox brings.

With over 60 Horsham Fitness members taking part in a Hyrox event in 2023, and in 2024 becoming an official Hyrox affiliate we are excited to compete again this year, with our first event in London Olympia in May.

If you’d like to join the Hyrox team and feel the Hyrox buzz then let us know, we have the perfect Hyrox programme to get you race ready and an amazing support crew to push you every step of the way.