July 2019 Newsletter

The lowdown on loaded carries/weighted walks

Every Thursday in the last block we have included weighted kettlebell walks in the programme either farmers walks, racked walks, overhead walks, two handed walks or single armed walks or a combination of them all.

There are loads of benefits in doing loaded carries as they create an enormous amount of tension on your muscles, improving strength, stability, and conditioning all at once.

Great for helping to create healthy mobile shoulders and improving your posture loaded carries also help you build a strong sturdy core.

Performing loaded carries unilaterally where the weight is carried only on one side also adds in the anti-rotation and flexion aspect to the exercise. The core muscles have to work hard against the weight to prevent them from rotating and flexing to the side thus building all round strength.

Loaded carries are a truly functional exercise as we lift and carry things multiple times a day so great training for life!


22nd July – 1st Sept
9th Sept – 20th Oct
8 week Christmas programme details out soon


Mon 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Weds 0600, 0930, 1815, and 1915
Thurs 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Sat 0830
Sun 0830
Only Wednesday sessions in gap week


Saturday 20th July 2019:

0830 FREE Saturday session
No Sunday session on Sunday 21st gap week.

Monday 22nd July 2019:

Start of first 6 Week Programme
Start of first Body Challenge Programme




Congratulations to Chris Ray this months Member of the Month!

In addition to supporting Chelsea which causes all sorts of early morning banter Chris is probably the lowest handicap golfer at Horsham Fitness and he has certainly brought this dedication, determination and effort with him. Even whilst coping with the stresses and strains of shutting his business down he hardly missed a session and now attends even more sessions in retirement. His whole attitude of perseverance and positivity has brought him great results and a lesson to us all. You never know he may even further reduce his golf handicap!!


Chris writes:
“I realised whilst on holiday last year just how unfit I was and there and then thought I’d put it right once I returned home.  Looking online I didn’t fancy the gym and would much prefer exercising outside. Luckily I found HF and decided to sign up to the early birds. Having joined I’ve never looked back and I just love the banter and camaraderie plus the encouragement from Mark, Don and Katie. I retired six months ago and now enjoy sessions 4 times a week, (well maybe not gate runs and burpees!).

I was 60 last year but feel fitter now than I did in my forties. How good is that!!”


Take HF on tour this summer

It’s that time of year again to get sending us a photo of yourselves on holiday either training or simply enjoying yourselves!

Loads of you sent some amazing pictures from all over the world last summer including Thailand, Australia, Greece, USA and the UK to name a few.

Lets see where and how far Team HF get this summer!

Holiday workouts

A couple of short workouts that can be done anywhere on holiday. Always perform a short warm up before starting and have a water bottle handy.

Workout 1

Complete the following as quick as possible
100 mountain climbers
90 squats
80 walking lunges
70 star jumps/bursts
60 burpees
50 plank shoulder taps
40 split jumps
30 press ups
20 squat jumps
10 pull ups or T rotation

Workout 2

1 min squats
1 min burpees
1 min press up to pike
1 min rest
x 5

See you all this summer at HF!



“You can have results or excuses. Not both.” Anonymous

There’s always various excuses in the back of our minds trying to trick us into believing we can’t get a workout done.

Hopefully at HF we have come up with answers to can help overcome these excuses and get you moving and training in a positive encouraging environment.
Don’t have time – Our workouts are only 45 minutes, that’s less than 4% of the day.

Don’t know what I’m doing

– we will coach you through every step of the workout.

Too tired to workout

– Pre book your sessions, put them in your diary as appointments that must be kept. Prep well by eating well and getting adequate of sleep.

Exercise is boring

– Each and every one of our sessions is different. We never repeat the same workout. We vary exercises, sequences, reps, sets, weights, equipment.

Lack motivation to workout

– Set small achievable goals, hit them and then set the next. We can help with goal setting.

No childcare

– Choice of 14 sessions a week, mornings, evenings and weekends.

Don’t have anyone to train with

– Like minded people stick together. Attend our sessions and you’ll meet people who value their health and fitness and you’ll find common ground and then many training partners.

It cost too much money

– Our prices are very competitive, our standards are high and our trainers are highly qualified.

Feel intimidated by fit people there

– Everyone feels like this when they first start. After a short period of time you’ll improve in confidence and get used to the environment and the people around.

Next 6 week programme starts this Monday 22nd July, see you all there!


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