May 2019 Newsletter

HF Team Challenge was a great success!

For some of you there’s nothing like that competitive rush standing on the start line with your heart racing knowing that you have to step up your game to beat the opposition. For others the pressure to perform at your best against others is a totally nerve racking and very daunting experience.

We tend to stay inside our comfort zone however to reach new heights you have to push yourself. When competing this might mean stepping out of your comfort zone and actually taking part and controlling your emotions or for others it might mean putting all your training into practice and finding your “A game” when it matters.

If you don’t push yourself you don’t know how hard you can go, this is why we decided to do a Team Challenge to which many of you stepped up to give it a go.

The race involved many different exercises with a mix of abilities on both teams. It was neck and neck all the way with both teams displaying great competitive spirit, fantastic teamwork and a shared determination to complete the challenge as quick as possible supporting one and other all the way.

Don’s team pipped Katie’s team to the finish line by seconds but that didn’t stop the cheers for everyone at the end. Congratulations to all those that took part and for making it such a fun morning.


3rd June – 14th July
22nd July – 1st Sept
9th Sept – 20th Oct
8 week Christmas programme details out soon


Mon 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Weds 0600, 0930, 1815, and 1915
Thurs 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Sat 0830
Sun 0830
Only Wednesday sessions in gap week


Saturday 1st June 2019:

0830 FREE Saturday session
No Sunday session on Sunday 2nd gap week.

Monday 3rd June 2019:

Start of first 6 Week Programme
Start of first Body Challenge Programme



Congratulations to Dan who is this months HF Member of the Month. Even though Dan’s favourite football team aren’t performing well Dan still is!
Dan is a strong member of the 6am club and is always pushing himself whether it be double 36kg deadlifts or burpee pull ups Dan is always there giving 100% effort, huge well done!

“Being a newcomer to the area last year, I was looking for a gym or exercise facility that suited a busy lifestyle but I didn’t particularly fancy any of the gyms I’d looked up and the classes looked bang average too, when I happened to come across Horsham Fitness quite by chance really. I am extremely glad that I did happen to come across it, as it’s been a great addition to my lifestyle.

I was looking to both lose weight and to get “fitter” and hopefully I’ve achieved both. Having done sport all my life, I do love a sense of competition but I’ve never actually enjoyed training or the gym very much, they were just things you had to do to compete/play. However, I can genuinely say that I really enjoy our classes. There is always a variety which is a massive benefit and keeps you interested, you are pushed if needed and having a 6am start is perfect for me but I also really enjoy the “6amer” group camaraderie. It’s all round a great mix.

So many thanks to Mark, Don and Katie and to the “6amers” – it has been, and no doubt will continue to be, a blast!”


Trainer News

We are pleased to welcome Libby and Nat onto our trainer team. We are sure you will give them your full support (and banter!) as they help with session covers and the expansion of HF in the future.

Mark will be missing from our ranks for a short while as he is having an eye operation so hopefully when he is back with us he will be able to see his watch better!

Meanwhile earlier in the month Katie and Don spent a couple of hours expanding their kettlebell training knowledge in a bespoke kettlebell workshop. There was plenty of knowledge shared to help us deliver even more awesome kettlebell training to you all.



By nature we are social creatures so it makes sense that we are happiest in other peoples company.

Training in a strong community of like minded people is often the number one reason as to why people continue to come back to their training day in day out and make progress in their health and fitness goals, hence why building a strong community is top of our agenda at HF.

We have found that our community has evolved massively at HF. People come because they enjoy it, they know they’ll see familiar faces, they feel comfortable and they feel supported not only by the trainers but by others around them.

Putting on team events like our Team Challenge last week, having team socials, hosting team charity events and days out only enhances the community spirit.

With this in mind we have already started planning the rest of 2019!

A summer team challenge, a charity cake sale, the usual winter Charity Challenge and the Christmas social (get your bowling skills perfected!) are all on the agenda and dates will be put out very soon.

Adding to this for the next 6 week programme we are doing ‘Mates Mondays!’

Regular HF members can bring a guest FREE of charge each Monday for the next 6 week block, all we ask is that they arrive 10 minutes early to their first session to meet us. Any questions please let us know.

Next 6 week programme starts this Monday 3rd June, see you all there!

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