April 2019 Newsletter

The importance of good form and technique

We’ve programmed kettlebell snatches this last block which takes skill to learn and then practise and focus to perfect.

The snatch is a tough exercise requiring you to dynamically lift the kettlebell from the floor to an overhead position. Like any new skill learning and practising the correct technique is paramount to avoid injury and improve results.

Well done on all your progress with these over the last 6 weeks we’ll programme them regulary to continue development and reap the rewards of a challenging exercise.

Technique and form are our business, our trainers don’t train when coaching so we can focus entirely on you so let us know if you are unsure or need help on anything.

Team fun!

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition so we have the perfect plan to put you and your competitive team mates to the test!

Saturday 18th May 0830
Katie’s Team v’s Don’s Team
Mark the ref who will uphold a fair game!

Details to be confirmed but as always it’ll be all inclusive for everyone of all levels and fun will be a priority!

Easter and Bank Holidays

No session on Easter Sunday 21st April
All sessions on Easter Monday the 22nd April will be moved to Tuesday 23rd April
All sessions on Bank Holiday Monday the 6th May will be moved to Tuesday 7th May


15th April – 26th May
3rd June – 14th July
22nd July – 1st Sept
9th Sept – 20th Oct


Mon 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Weds 0600, 0930, 1815, and 1915
Thurs 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Sat 0830
Sun 0830
Only Wednesday sessions in gap week

Saturday 13th April 2019:

0830 FREE Saturday session
No Sunday session on Sunday 14th gap week.

Monday 15th April 2019:

Start of first 6 Week Programme
Start of first Body Challenge Programme

Holiday date amendments:

No session Easter Sunday April 21st
Easter Monday 22nd April all sessions moved to Tuesday 23nd April
Bank Holiday 6th May all sessions moved to Tuesday 7th May


We have joint members of the month this month as these two are inseparable when it comes to their commitment and dedication at HF.

Rebecca and Louise both train hard no matter what, they are always looking to improve and push their limits every session. This along with the constant support and motivation they provide each other reflects in their fantastic results over their time with us.
Always friendly, chatty and fun to have around these two really are a top team.
Well done ladies, we look forward to seeing lots more from you.

Here is what they both had to say..

Rebecca –

“If you’d asked me a couple of years ago whether I was an “exercise outside in all weathers” kind of person, the answer would have been a resounding “NO!”, but that’s what Horsham Fitness has turned me into! Admittedly, it’s accompanied by much grumbling about the rain/wind/snow/cold/heat/pollen/sun in my eyes, and that’s before we even get started on the torture that comprises the actual workout!

In all seriousness, I genuinely enjoy working out at Horsham Fitness, which is not a phrase I ever thought I’d associate with exercise. Over the three years that I’ve been coming, there’s been a massive improvement in my strength and fitness, especially in the last 12 months, which has resulted in me shaving huge chunks off my 10 km and 10 mile road race times. Credit for this has to go to Katie, Mark and Don (but especially Sergeant Major Katie), who have collectively pushed me out of my comfort zone as they knew I was capable of achieving things that I wasn’t sure about, and who will always find an adaptation for something I can’t do because of injury. Their enthusiasm, advice, encouragement and belief in every one of us is what keeps me coming back.

Finally, thanks to everyone we train with at 7:15, for making sure that this “award” hasn’t gone to our heads.”

Louise –

“I have been a member of HF for 4 and a half years. It has now become part of our lives (my hubby is also a member). Since joining my fitness levels have improved so much along with my weight and size. I completed the Body Challenge 3 years ago and would thoroughly recommend this to everyone I learnt so much about nutrition, lost weight and inches as well as improving my fitness. It is a lifestyle which I now maintain.

There are so many different sessions that it is easy to fit in around your commitments. No matter which session you attend the welcome is warm, the exercise challenging, and all the people amazing. All the coaches are fab and know when to push you and what you can/cannot manage. The workouts are varied and can be adapted to your own level of fitness whether you increase/decrease reps, go heavier/lighter, faster/slower you work at your own level and pace. Working out outdoors is great, HF runs regardless of the weather, rain, snow and sometimes even sun!

Working out in a group really helps keep you focused. I have to make a special mention to the 7.15ers (inc the Sergeant Major aka Katie) who are amazing. They make the sessions so much fun.

Lastly a huge thank you to Katie, Mark and Don for making HF such a brilliant place to work out. It has become a very important part of my life.”


The Russians are mainly responsible for taking kettlebell training and developing it into a highly technical and demanding form of exercise.

Here’s why they are so effective in getting you in great shape and why we use them at Horsham Fitness

Full body workout:

The Kettlebell can be used to perform many regular weight training moves likes squats, deadlifts, lunges and presses and can also be used in lifts that work the body as a single unit such as swings, snatches and the clean and press.

Develops power:

Kettlebell training can be fast and explosive and therefore trains your fast twitch muscle fibres. This helps develop power and makes it a really functional way to train.

Works the big muscles:

Kettlebells require you to generate a great deal of force through your hips, legs and glutes which are the strongest and largest muscles in the body. Working these muscles hard along with your hip flexors, abdominals and erector spinae will greatly improve your performance and physique.

Works your grip strength:

Holding onto the kettlebell as it swings around requires focus and concentration and a strong grip! Improving grip strength can help in many sports and many strength training exercises.

Allows you to work with intensity:

Kettlebell training can develop your strength, endurance and cardiovascular capacity to extreme levels.

Kettlebells are fun:

They are hard work but enjoyable to use. They get you sweating, your adrenaline flowing, your heart pumping and get you in shape fast.




It’s not all about kettlebells…

It’s about health, sweat, goals, fun, burning muscles, friends, motivation, pushing yourself, teamwork, learning new moves, HIIT, no excuses, feeling great, laughing and so much more!

Come and try, all levels, all abilities, all ages, no need to book they’ll always be a warm friendly welcome.


Finally, finally a message from Sharon…..

Calling all you Cowboys and Cowgirls out there for an evening of barn dancing, food and a raffle in aid of Women’s Cancer

I joined Horsham Fitness to improve my strength and endurance and to lose a few pounds to aid my cycle training in preparation of a 360km off road cycle challenge I am undertaking this year, to raise m

Much needed funds for three cancer charities: breast, ovarian and cervical; something close to my heart following the death of a friend a few years ago and another friend who has just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

To help raise my £3000 target I have arranged a barn dance fundraiser at the Lanes Health Centre, Rustington on Saturday 11th May. £15 for members £18 non members includes food.

Lanes Health Club, Golfers Ln, Rustington, Angmering, Littlehampton BN16 4N
You can book tickets by contacting Lanes direct on Tel: 01903 859777.

 ** I have made enquiries of AAA2B taxi’s and they have quoted £70 return fee for a minibus for 8 people. Someone has also mentioned that Knight’s Travel may be able to do a deal too so please do give them a call.

I hope to see some of your do-si-do’s on the night…it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.
Sharon x

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