Sugar Talk with Rachael Scott : Saturday 21st March

Last month, our resident expert Rachael Scott was back with an informative nutritional talk on the dangers of sugar.

The talk highlighted some scary facts about how much sugar we consume … Did you know the average Briton consumes 238 teaspoons of sugar each week often without even knowing it? Did you also know that the average person in the UK consumes 2 and half times their own body weight in sugar every year? Worrying facts indeed.

Luckily Rachael was on hand to give us some helpful advice on what we can do to reduce the amount of sugar in our diets, as well as giving us some useful tips on where to find those hidden sugars we don’t always know are lurking on the food we eat!

The talk was a wake up call for all of us that attended and has certainly given us something to think about before reaching for what we previously thought were ‘healthy’ snacks.

If you were unable to attend on the day but are interested in what was covered, then feel free to talk to one of us for more information.

We’ll be in touch shortly with details of the next scheduled talk.

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