The Horsham Fitness countdown to Christmas is on!

Yes I said it!

Have you achieved your health and fitness goals for 2013?


There is still time.


We know that many of you have achieved great heights this year.  There have been many running events completed ranging from one milers to full marathons. There have been various triathlons and duathlons completed at different levels. There have been personal bests in pull ups, box jumping, double unders and weighted exercises along with many other personal goals.


There are also others that have cleaned up their nutrition, improved their energy levels, started foam rolling to improve flexibility or managed to get more sleep at night. We hope you are feeling the huge benefits of these accomplishments, keep up the great work.


It takes commitment, determination and hard work to achieve goals but the sheer sense of achievement is overwhelming and one that (we hope) is addictive. Recognise all your achievements no matter how big or small and then push on to the next. Don’t wait until next week, next month or until next year to make a difference.

Here’s a challenge!


How many burpees (straight armed, nothing fancy) can you knock out in one hour?


This will be our first ever and very exciting Charity Challenge we’d love everyone to get involved with.


When – Saturday 14th December 830am.


Where – Horsham Fitness at Horsham Rugby Club.


Challenge – How many burpees can we do as a group all together in one hour?


Charity – The Springboard Project. Horsham.


Cost – £5 which all goes to charity.


Who can get involved – Everyone! Family, friends, children. Anyone capable of doing one burpee or 1000 burpees we need you all.


Refreshments – Hot drinks and mince pies (it is Christmas!) for everyone.


The more people we get involved the more money we’ll raise and the more burpees we’ll do!


The current World Record for the most amount of burpees completed in one hour by a single individual is 1,840 by Paddy Doyle in Birmingham on 4th February 1994!


Set your own figure, make it challenging yet achievable, get practising and then give it your all on the day. We’ll then add everyone’s total together and get a grand total.


We’ll have fun too we promise!


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