Improve your daily nutrition with these simple tips

We’ve complied a small list of a few minor changes that a lot of people can make to their daily eating habits to improve body composition.


1. Reduce sugary and milky drinks e.g. lattes, milkshakes, cordials and soft drinks.


2. Remove sugar from tea and coffee. If necessary replace it with a natural sweetener.


3. Chop out cereal based breakfasts for a more wholesome start to the day. Try eggs, yogurt or oats with fruit and chopped nuts or seeds.


4. Eat a protein source with every meal, lean meat, fish or eggs, and load the rest of your plate up with veg or salad to improve satiety.


5. Focus on controlling blood sugar levels. Avoid snacking on sugary foods when you’re hungry and snack on protein or healthy fat based foods.


6. First thing in the morning consume 500mls of water to reduce fatigue throughout the day then drink to thirst and aim for between 2-3l of water a day.


Set goals, take one tip at a time and gradually improve your nutrition and body composition.

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