The Benefits of Resistance Training for Men and Especially for Women

When we first started Horsham Fitness one of our aims was to introduce as many different types of training as possible to help you to continually challenge your body and to provide as much variety as possible.

Using your body weight for many exercises can be a challenge in itself dependant on the volume and intensity but adding further external resistance in the form of kettlebells, sandbells and resistance bands is a totally new experience for some and for a lot of clients not fully understood.

Strength training and cardio training

The lines between ‘strength training’ and traditional ‘cardio training’ aren’t as clear as you think. Many of you prefer the ‘cardio workouts’ after all they burn the most calories…well so you think.

While cardiovascular exercise is a great way to burn fat, adding resistance training to your workouts will get your muscles working even harder so not only will you be working your heart and lungs and burning fat you will be toning and firming up much quicker combining the two.

Fire up your metabolism

Performing strength training exercises will boast your metabolism into burning more calories throughout the day. On average every additional pound of muscle gained will burn around an extra 50 calories everyday even when you’re resting.

Don’t worry if at first you seem to be staying at the same weight or gaining a little as muscle weighs more per square inch than fat. So whilst your weight might not be dropping very quickly your body will be slimmer and more toned and your metabolism will be working a lot harder to maintain the new muscle growth.

Women won’t bulk up!

Weight training is just as suitable for women as it is for men. Many women are wary of lifting heavy weights for fear that increased muscle means increased masculinity, this is not the case.

Testosterone is a very important factor in the development of muscle shape so as women have very low levels of this hormone their muscles develop differently, meaning women won’t become too bulky or look too masculine.

Reduce injury

Strong muscles through resistance training can also reduce your risk of injury. Strong muscles, tendons and ligaments are much more capable of withstanding stress, and the improved flexibility gained by strength training also reduces the likelihood of pulled muscles and back pain.

Further health benefits for us all

Weight training has also been proven to have a positive effect on insulin resistance, blood pressure, body fat and gastrointestinal transit time, factors that are all linked to illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, in addition to this the added resistance can also reduce bone deterioration and build bone mass preventing osteoporosis.

Challenge yourself

So next time we have the heavy kit out challenge yourself! If technique is a concern we are there to help but remember all the benefits above and let’s continue to grow stronger and healthier together.

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