6 Week Body Challenge Testimonials

Step up your training and see actual results in just 6 weeks...

Since launching the 6 week body challenge at the start of 2016, we have been amazed by the results our customers have achieved. Here are just a selection of fantastic testimonials to prove this programme really does get results in just 6 weeks.

The 6 week body challenge has blown my expectations!

I started Horsham Fitness 6 week Body Challenge hoping to lose some weight and start to tone up and keep fit and it has totally blown my expectations! I have lost over a stone and 3 1/2 inches round my waist. My strength and stamina has rocketed.

I'm taking part in the phase 2 of the challenge now to see more changes."

Well… it’s been one heck of a revelation!

By adjusting my nutrient intake profile along with a bit of calorie restriction I’ve achieved the goals I had set at the beginning of the challenge. I haven’t made any drastic changes to my shopping habits, just a revised menu plan; it’s been mostly about balancing protein, fat and carb macros to suit the goals I’d set.

The surprise for me was that I was under eating and lacking enough fat and protein in my meals. I have been re-educated on portion sizing and macro timings, particularly before/after exercise. The water intake was also an eye opener, once I got used to it I really felt the benefits of better hydration.

This has been a real eye-opener and I would recommend anyone to give it a go – allow yourself to be surprised at how little changes can make such a huge difference; my concentration, focus, mood, and overall sense of vitality are way up as are my energy levels and I’m sleeping much better, too.Huge thanks to Donato, Mark and Katie for your advice, education and encouragement. And thanks for creating such a supportive and encouraging community!

The 6 week challenge came along just at the right time.

My training had become inconsistent and my diet a little thoughtless. Needless to say my weight and fitness levels weren't where I wanted them. I'd never really combined training with a focused diet plan so I was keen to try it out.

Whilst other training guides out there promised good results over 90 days I was fairly skeptical about what I thought I could realistically achieve in just 6 weeks. Fast forward to today and now I know the scepticism was unfounded. 21 training sessions along with 42 days of conscious eating works. I've burnt fat and gained muscle and I'm very happy with the results so far. The diet guidance was really interesting and the calorie counting insightful. You'll soon see where those subconscious calories are hiding in your day to day eating habits. Going forward I've got a really good routine going backed up with some sound nutritional advice and meal plans that I've developed with the coaches along the way.

Speaking of coaches. The last word has to go to the team at Horsham Fitness. They're excellent, supportive and always on hand to answer your questions. Thank you!

- James Banner, Aged 35

I can honestly say this is the only New Years Resolution I have ever stuck too!

I am fitter now than I have ever been (and that includes my short time in the military a long time ago!).Whilst my fitness continues to improve I knew I needed to change my diet if I was going to see the changes I wanted to my body shape.

I took on the Body Challenge in the hope of changing my terrible eating habits and learning to live my life differently. I wanted to lose weight along with improving my fitness further. As a Mum of 3 young children I also wanted to change the eating habits of the whole family and be a better example to them.

The learning curve is steep and you have to be determined, but the trainers were hugely supportive and encouraging. Group support was also vital as we all learned new habits. It was a big mental change to be losing weight but eating well (and lots!) and never being hungry, but it really works!

My husband not only loves the new me but has also changed his eating habits and lost a stone!

I have learned so much and feel confident that the odd slip up won't derail my progress. My new confidence shows and everyone is noticing!

- Beth, Aged 39

After trying nearly every diet going and it not working I decided to sign up for the Horsham Fitness Body Challenge.

After 2 weeks my energy levels were high and I was losing inches. By week 4 I had noticeable change all over my body. My stomach was always my problem area, I never thought I would be able to tone it but the transformation in just 6 weeks was amazing.

The experience has changed my mindset leaving me more confident, energised and determined to complete what I have started and reach my goals.

I decided to try the 6 week body challenge after watching the results of my wife doing it, who dropped two dress sizes.

Most of my friends thought I was on diet and starving myself, when actually it was the total opposite. Some days I struggled to eat the calories set out for me by Don. It really is a case of a balanced food intake (and liquid) to get your macros right.

After a couple of weeks you start to get the hang of what are carb heavy foods and what are protein rich etc and can easily start to eat accordingly. I have found the eating side a lot easier than expected and I like the fact that it is something you can take forward and incorporate in to everyday life, but still have a life on the weekend by enjoying a treat and some beers.

I lost one and a half stone in 6 weeks and my waist measurements went down dramatically and my back and chest got noticeably bigger.

I think my fitness test proved that fuelling yourself correctly and doing 3 to 4 fitness sessions a week really does work. I feel good in myself and the pull ups definitely got a lot easier along with the running.Thanks for the encouragement of all the Horsham Fitness team!

It was now or never. I turned 50 this year and had tried my usual dry January and healthy eating, which lasted until February but the bad habits slowly crept back in.

I had seen the great results others had achieved and with encouragement from Katie and Mark I added my name to the list. I hoped to get a bit fitter and maybe loose a few pounds.

The first week was a blur, so much information and what did I need to eat to get near the balance suggested? Lots of different food and not my usual sandwiches at lunch, I seemed to be eating all the time to get the calories in. It wasn’t easy for someone who ate lots of fruit, I had to limit the number of portions I ate and have gone from someone who didn't particularly like eggs to enjoying eggs for breakfast. It slowly became easier to get the calories and nearly the suggested macros.

I didn’t notice much difference to start with but at the end of six weeks I had lost nearly 7kg and cms of all my measurements. I am now lighter than I have been in 30 years. Clothes that didn’t really fit are now too big. I feel fitter and healthier, Thanks to the HF team for all the support and encouragement.

I have completed Horsham Fitness 6 Week Body Challenge and am now doing Phase 2 and hope to continue on until I reach all my goals.

I can't believe the difference I feel in terms of energy and fitness. In terms of nutrition I feel full and I don't get any of the 4pm sugar cravings which is good and can avoid the biscuit tin! I am really good eating wise during the week and yet still manage to have my vino at the weekend and still enjoy the odd treat without feeling guilty, as Don says "flexible dieting", I like that phrase!

I have lost 8kgs so far which has been amazing and it’s just great seeing the measurements change. I am loving all the training sessions and I have managed to do those horrible pull ups from hanging on the bands when I couldn't even do one a few weeks back.

I have tried so many diet and fitness things in the past and it’s nice to be able to enjoy the food I make and what’s more it’s sustainable. Also it does help having lovely positive people like Katie, Mark and Don on hand to push you just that little bit further with training and also to help keep things in perspective if you don't have a good week. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks now!

So there you have it, lots of happy customers who have seen real results in just 6 weeks. If you're interested in signing up to our 6 Week Body Challenge then please contact katie@horshamfitness.co.uk or mark@horshamfitness.co.uk for more details.