Sports Fitness

Get your team to the next level...

Successful teams don’t happen by accident, they achieve results by a methodical plan of training taking into account everyone’s strengths and abilities. They commit to a continuous programme and regular fitness testing to push themselves mentally and physically, in short...they train HARD AND SMART!

Here at Horsham Fitness our goal is to make your team as match fit as possible. Our experience of “raising the game” across a broad range of sporting disciplines is vast and we’d be delighted to talk to your team about how we can create and deliver your best ever team and a winning mindset to go with it.

What people say about SPORTS FITNESS:

“This is hard core and totally what we need”
“It helps to increase the range of training we do”
“It’s really helped us to work on our weaknesses and build on our strengths”

Your questions:

How many sessions do we book?

We’ll do an assessment and give you our recommendations based on your needs.

Where are the sessions held?

We can come to you or you are very welcome to come to us at The Training Zone at the Horsham Rugby Club.

What sports do you cover?

Any team sport.

What about solo sportspeople?

No problem. 121 training is available, click <a class="testing" href="/personal-training/">here for details.</a>