Session Times and Prices

Most of our clients opt for our “six weeks to success programme” which includes 2,3 or 4 sessions per week and is totally focused on achieving your goals. You can however Pay as you Go, which is particularly useful if you’re unsure of your schedule or just need a “top up” from time to time.

These are our 2017 session prices for the 6 week block of sessions :

  • Attend 4 times a week or a total of 24 sessions £99
  • Attend 3 times a week or a total of 18 sessions £89
  • Attend 2 times a week or a total of 12 sessions £69
  • Pay As You Go £6 per session *see below

In the lead up to Christmas 2017 we are running an 8 week programme with a pre-payment promotion of 8 weeks for the price of 7. This promotion will also be available for those signing up to do one day a week and our 'drop in' rate for this period will be £8 a session. Please contact us for all the details.

Monthly Direct Debit

  • Twice a week £43.10
  • Three times a week £55.60
  • Four times a week £61.80

A 10% discount will be deducted from the price (not included on PAYG) for Families, Couples and Horsham Rugby Club members.

If you have found that you have missed the start of the 6 week programme please contact us and we will fix you a payment plan for the remainder of the programme or PAYG.

Dates and Times

FREE TASTER SESSION: Saturday 28th October 2017

Monday 30th October - Saturday 22nd December 2017 (8 week block)

Here are our 6 week programme session dates for 2018 :

FREE TASTER SESSION: Saturday 6th January

Monday 8th January - Saturday 17th February

FREE TASTER SESSION : Saturday 24th February

Monday 26th February - Saturday 7th April

FREE TASTER SESSION : Saturday 14th April

Monday 16th April - Saturday 26th May

FREE TASTER SESSION : Saturday 2nd June

Monday 4th June - Saturday 14th July

FREE TASTER SESSION : Saturday 21st July

Monday 23rd July - Saturday 1st September

FREE TASTER SESSION : Saturday 8th September

Monday 10th September - Saturday 20th October

FREE TASTER SESSION : Saturday 27th October

Monday 29th October - Saturday 22nd December (8 week block)


Our group fitness sessions run on the following days and times :

Monday 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915

Wednesday 0600, 0930, 1815, and 1915

Thursday 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915

Saturday 0830 only

We’ve really tried to offer a selection of times throughout the week to suit a wide range of lifestyles from commuters to shift workers to parents with young families.

Hopefully there’s a session time that’s just right for you.