Personal Training

Get amazing results fast

Our personal training fitness sessions are available to anyone who requires an individual programme or just simply wants to work out at home.

We work with sports people (and teams), people training for a specific challenge, people recovering from injury or referrals from health professionals where careful planning and technical knowledge is required.

Another advantage of personal training is the ability to create a truly bespoke programme allowing you to achieve a specific fitness objective i.e. lose weight, increase stamina or build muscle tone.

What people say about PERSONAL TRAINING:

“It allows me to focus free from distractions”
“It’s a brilliant way to keep motivated”
“I like working to my own programme and pushing myself to achieve better results”
“I like working out in my own home”

For further information on costs and session planning please contact us directly:

Mark Sillett - 07989 540655
Katie Warman - 07984 365391