Meet The Trainers

Hello we’re Mark, Katie and Don, three personal trainers who are passionate about personal fitness and healthy living.

We set up Horsham Fitness to provide a safe, fun and flexible way for people to get fit and stay fit for life. We understand that people lead busy lives and have set up sessions to work with you, at your pace and in your time.

We want to get the people of Horsham FEELING GREAT EVERY DAY!

Katie Warman

Hi I'm Katie Warman, a level 3 certified personal trainer. Following an extensive career as a nurse I decided to turn my hobby into a job and pursue a career in the fitness industry, helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Always setting goals for myself I believe that pushing my own athletic limits helps me to be a better trainer. I believe that I am a good motivator and push myself and my clients to reach their highest potential whilst keeping training fun and enjoyable.

Having helped many people over the years I know that exercise and fitness can be life changing and that through making the right choices individuals can truly achieve their maximum potential.

Trainers - Katie

Mark Sillett

Hi I’m Mark Sillett, a level 4 qualified trainer and a level 2 qualified sports coach. Following a successful career in logistics and general management I decided to get out of the ‘rat race’ in 2005 to follow my real passion as a personal trainer and sports coach.

Following initial qualification I have extended and updated my skills through numerous training courses which enable me to help a wider range of the population. I now work with individuals, groups and teams to help them improve their quality of life and attain their goals. I have also recently started to tutor future fitness professionals at a local college.

I believe that the outdoor, group training philosophy that we employ is a fantastic, fun way for individuals to improve their lifestyle and wellbeing permanently with everyone contributing to the bonding, support, motivation and atmosphere that the sessions generate.

Trainers - Katie

Donato De Vita

Personal Training/Coaching for me is about providing people with all the tools they need to develop into a Stronger, Leaner, Faster more Flexible version of themselves.

My main aim is to help people improve their performance , and making sure that they go back knowing that you have pushed themselves beyond a comfort zone. I like people to leave Saturday morning sessions like they have achieved something, no matter how big or small... Whether its feeling good, looking awesome or having a bullet proof body!

I have trained a wide variation of people from complete beginners, clients over the age of 50 and athletes such as an ultra marathon runner. The basic principles are all the same though - perfecting movement, personal progressive training, nutritional advice and also guidance on a weekly basis making sure they are motivated to the max!

My own training involves weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning. I love mixing my training up making sure I come away from each session with the maximum benefit. I think its important to practice what you preach so if i give out Burpees to people it is good for customers to know that I have probably done my fair share that week already!!!