September 2019 Newsletter

We’ve loved summer training at HF, we’ve had some scorching weather and some scorching workouts!

Kettlebell form has really come along allowing for many pb’s and many taking on the challenge of the new 40kgs. We’ve had many path runs, gate runs and field runs improving pace and speed and we’ve had some challenging yet fun partner workouts plus loads more to keep the improvements and team spirit high.
Whatever your training goals are for the remainder of the year we’re ready to ramp it up to ensure you push your limits, stay motivated and enjoy your training at HF.
We look forward to seeing everyone for the penultimate programme of 2019 starting on September 9th.

Coming up at HF

We’ve another team challenge session booked in for Saturday Sept 21st then our annual Charity Challenge is on Saturday Nov 23rd 0830 and the Christmas social in the evening of Nov 23rd.

Following the success of last years social we are heading back to Horsham bowling alley for a re-match!

If you’d like to secure your place on a bowling team we are now collecting £12 for 2 games and a free drink.

We are sure the re-match will be as fun as last year so get the date in and get practising!


9th Sept – 20th Oct
8 week Christmas programme details out soon


Mon 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Weds 0600, 0930, 1815, and 1915
Thurs 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Sat 0830
Sun 0830
Only Wednesday sessions in gap week


Saturday 7th September 2019:

0830 FREE Saturday session
No Sunday session on Sunday 8th gap week.

Monday 9th September 2019:

Start of first 6 Week Programme
Start of first Body Challenge Programme

Saturday 21st September 2019:

0830 Team Challenge

Saturday 23rd November 2019:

0830 Charity Challenge
1900 Christmas social



It’s a huge congratulations to our couple of the month winners Emma and Vaughan!

Nothing stops their impeccable attendance, training together or separately working the sessions to suit their lifestyles. They both consistently work hard always looking to take the next step forward to improve. Both have a great attitude towards their fitness, always positive, friendly and great team players. Well done both of you.

Here is what they both had to say below about their time with us.


Only moving to Horsham last year, I was looking for a fitness classes to help me tone up, which would work well with my lifestyle. With sessions available morning, evenings and weekends, Horsham Fitness offered flexibility.
Within weeks of joining, I was already seeing results. From never doing a burpee, I can now lift kettlebells above my head and do a press up!

Working in a group environment is really motivating and everyone is so friendly and encouraging – especially during those runs! With Vaughan also here, I think that has helped us both stay motivated – it has also meant we’re a little competitive at times too.

Thank you to Katie, Don and Mark for all your help and pushing us that little bit further (usually by giving us a heavier kettlebell!) But also to everyone at Horsham Fitness for being welcoming and friendly! Now, what will the next 6 weeks bring… less gate runs?!


We were new to the area having recently moved into a home more akin to a dangerous version of the crystal maze than a house! Emma started her first 6 week block and got me bought into joining after that. The variety of exercise available throughout the week gives a complete body and fitness workout.

The team are always in a positive mood which really sets your frame of mind for the session. There isn’t a mentality of first/last place (other than on occasion between myself and Emma), instead replaced by a positive atmosphere to get everyone involved and ‘over the line’.

I feel fitter and healthier in myself with simple but noticeable benefits in higher energy levels through the day and better quality nights sleep.

Looking forward to keeping it up, a healthy level of fitness keeps a healthy mind!


Kettlebell training for sports

Anyone playing a sport wants to get stronger, faster and improve their sports specific skills to be better than their opponents on the playing field.

Goals of pre-season training initially should be to help prepare the athlete for the upcoming season but also prepare the athlete to be more resistant to injury from the stresses of the sport.

This is where kettlebell training can help hugely and be an excellent choice of kit for the following reasons:

  • They improve strength and power through explosive full body movements mainly generated from the hips.
  • They strengthen the core with the use of full body movements.
  • Exceptional conditioning tool as movements can flow from one to the next.
  • They improve single leg stabilisation, balance, proprioception and coordination, all needed by sports people.
  • Can be used to identify and overcome stability issues and imbalances which can improve performance and ultimately lead to less sporting injuries.
  • They improve grip strength.
  • They enable the athlete to train in different directions as most sports require so training is not just focused in one direction.

If you play a particular sport and want to enhance your performance with some extensive kettlebell training please get in touch.


Which should you do?

Ideally do both unless your training for something highly specialised or for a specific goal or event.

Be an all round athlete, do a bit of everything.


Do some type of resistance training with weights anywhere from 1-3 times per week. The importance of resistance training is that it will help increase your lean body mass giving your body better shape and increasing you basal metabolic rate.


Cardio is necessary to keep the metabolism roaring and help you burn some extra calories that will lead to fat loss, try to do 1-3 times per week.

A cardio workout allows you to eat more food and still get the fat loss results. Some people who rely on diet alone to lose fat usually end up losing weight but also muscle. Keeping a little more food in the diet but using cardio to burn more calories will result in the retention of lean muscle while losing the fat.

Lastly do something fun and active when you can. Mix it up, walk when you can, and play when you can!

Next 6 week programme starts this Monday 9th September, see you all there!


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