June 2018 Newsletter

HF Launch the new Training Zone

We are very pleased to announce the grand opening of our brand new training area is this Saturday 2nd June at 0830.

Our aim was to provide a professional looking functional training space that fulfills all your fitness needs. This combined with the friendly, fun loving great team spirit that you all bring to HF has created what we believe to be the best outdoor training area in Horsham.

We’d like to thank you all for your support and encouragement in helping us to enhance your HF experience and will be celebrating with a FREE workout, celebration drinks and a charity cake sale this Saturday.

Please arrive at 0815 on Saturday for our surprise ribbon cutting ceremony at 0830.

Post workout we will then be hosting Charlotte’s charity cake sale at 0915 to help raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice and Macmillan’s. 

Please bring plenty of money to buy cakes to have with our post workout celebration drinks or to take home for the family, also any cake donations made would be gratefully appreciated.

We can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

Dates for the Diary


4th June – 14th July
23rd July – 1st September
For all 2018 dates check out www.horshamfitness.co.uk


Mon 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Weds 0600, 0930, 1815, and 1915
Thurs 0600, 0930, 1815 and 1915
Sat 0830


Saturday 2nd June 2018 :
0830 FREE workout

Monday 4th June – Saturday 14th July 
Start of 2018 six week programme
Start of six week Body Challenge

Gap week time changes:
Wednesday 0600, 0930, 1815

Star HF  Member of the month

Huge congratulations to Fiona who is this months HF star member. Fiona is one of our highest attendees and has achieved great results since joining HF, even confessing to now enjoying exercise! Keep up the great work Fiona you are an inspiration to many.

“An enjoyable way to exercise! I had seen Horsham Fitness groups training on the evenings when my sons were at rugby training. A few of the parents joined Horsham Fitness rather than standing in the mud getting cold watching the rugby training. Eventually I worked up to courage to join. Everyone was so welcoming and there is no pressure, you work to your own level with no judgment. There is always a choice of exercises, you can choose the heavy kettle bell or no kettle bell at all; gate run or only half way or skip instead. You exercise to your own ability and level and always with the encouragement of the trainers and your fellow Horsham Fitness members.

It is great that each session is different. Mondays are my least favorite session, and my boxing partner on Wednesday can usually tell if I have had a bad day at work by how hard I punch the pads! My colleagues at work are always amazed that we exercise whatever the weather, but that’s part of the fun, clearing a small patch of the tarmac from snow so the class could go ahead, or following the shade on the field on a summers evening and the more usual rain!

Since joining Horsham Fitness I have gone from attending sporadically to completing the 6 week body challenge. I am lighter and fitter than before and actually enjoy exercising! Due to the choice of sessions during the week I can usually manage to attend 3 times a week and willingly get up on a Saturday morning to exercise. It certainly feels good to get home at 9.30 on a Saturday morning having completed the session , to find my family still in bed. Whatever time slot you attend you are always welcomed and there is always friendly banter to help you get through the sessions.

Katie, Mark and Don are always on hand with encouragement and advice whatever the weather. The newly opened training area is a great addition and no one is too upset that the Gate run has shortened!”

Dragon Boat Race 2018

HF Paddling Pirates had huge success at the Shoreham Dragon Boat race last August 2017 so by popular demand we have entered two boats into the race this year.

On the water following in ‘Drummer Claire’s’ footsteps from 2017 we’ll be needing a drummer and a crew of 16 for each boat. With most of you allocating your seat on a boat already we are asking for your £20 deposit asap to secure this spot.

We’d love as many of you as possible to get involved so if paddling isn’t for you please come along with a picnic basket and add to the support team it’s a great team fun day out.

Last year the team spirit and support far exceeded any first place position so here’s to another great paddling year!

We need more of your help please!

As much as we love our new training space and the sessions we do at HF we do value your feedback, thoughts and comments.

In the coming weeks we will be sending you all a questionnaire asking how we could further enhance your HF experience.

We have many ideas for new sessions, new times and new experiences to help your fitness journey but we would love to hear yours so please have a think and keep an eye out for the questionnaire email.

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