In the words of Nike ‘JUST DO IT!’

It takes balance right across the board to really be at the top of your game. You can achieve any of your health and fitness goals with a push in the right direction. 


We trust that you are really enjoying your workouts at Horsham Fitness, even if at the time you’re cursing and swearing at us, we want to help you in as many ways that we can.


For this reason we’ve compiled a basic list of 15 achievable standards that we would recommend applying to assist you with your health and fitness goals.


All of you will be achieving the following to variable degrees. Note where you are now and where you want to be. It may take more planning and organisation, it may take more willpower, it may mean improving consistency, or this may just be a reassuring nod to say that what you’re doing is great and to keep up the good work.


So here we go

  1. Try to exercise for 45 minutes 3-4 days a week, or more if possible, taking each workout to the maximum of your ability.
  2. Walk away at the end of each session in the knowledge that you worked as hard as you possibly could and knowing that you did what you needed to do to get what you truly want.
  3. Exercise should be a mix of high intensity interval training, strength training or goal specific exercise.
  4. Have as much fresh high quality food as you can.
  5. Drink as much water per day and try to hit a minimum of 2-3 litres.
  6. Try to eat food every 3-4 hours.
  7. Eat real food. No processed food. Aim to eat only food with one thing on the ingredient list, what it actually is!
  8. Eat as many fresh vegetables as possible.
  9. Eat some form of protein at every meal including breakfast.
  10. Limit soft drinks, fruit juice and alcohol.
  11. Limit wheat or gluten so cut back or eliminate cereals, breads, pasta etc.
  12. Try to get 8 hours sleep a night.
  13. Reduce stress in all areas of your life as much as possible.
  14. Move as much as you can throughout the day.
  15. Try to get outside into the daylight daily for a good dose of vitamin D.

Let us know how you get on we always like to hear how you’re progressing or if you need any further assistance.

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