The Beauty of Battling Ropes

If you came to Horsham Fitness last Saturday you will have had a play with one of our new toys…… The Battling Ropes……..brilliant pieces of kit that provide an intense workout!

The workout is so intense they are perfect for improving muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning, fat burning, and will get your heart rate racing immediately.

They are perhaps the perfect “play” tool!

Why you should train with battling ropes?


1. They are fun. If you’ve ever picked up a rope and performed velocity wave drills you’ll finish the exercise with a smile on your face. Promise!


2. They are safe. It would be very hard to get hurt. If you drop the rope there’s no harm done, it’s like playing with a big string!


3. They are perfect for conditioning. They’ll get your heart rate up immediately and work every part of your body.


4. They are great for strength training too. The pole pull system along with velocity wave drills are awesome ways to strength train. (The pole pull is coming very soon at Horsham Fitness!)


5. They are easy to use. The ropes allow you to move in the way your body wants to without fear of bad form.


6. Anyone can train with battling ropes. Whatever your fitness level, age, gender or athlete from any sport the ropes are suitable for everyone and all fitness goals.


7. They are the perfect fat loss tool. Training with the battling ropes can burn calories equally as effectively as almost any other training tool.


If you haven’t had a go come and try and see exactly what we’re talking about and you’ll soon be back for more!

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