Fitness and Fresh Air a Perfect Combination

Well done to everyone over the last month for battling through the bad weather and not letting the rain, snow and frosty conditions get in the way of their health and fitness plans.

They don’t call it the great outdoors for nothing

It is well documented that fitness and fresh air go very well together. Many studies have compared outdoor workouts to indoor workouts. Overwhelmingly, outdoor workouts won. Outdoor workouts resulted in greater revitalization, increased energy, and more positive engagement, along with less depression, anger and tension.

Plan your workouts for the week and make them dates not to be missed

There never is the perfect time and condition to do a workout; you have to create it, just as we create excuses not to workout. Your mind can be great at simply manufacturing excuses especially when the weather is poor and you want to stay snug inside, but the bottom line is what is more important to you, your goals or whatever it is in your way of achieving them?

Reap all the rewards

An effective training programme and sound nutritional advice will not only help you to achieve your health and fitness goals but will lift your self-esteem, release those feel-good endorphins and de-stress you from your day.

Stay consistent no matter what

Stay consistent and don’t let excuses get in your way, you have the tools to achieve now all you need is plain determination and perseverance and you will reap the rewards of a fuller and healthier life.


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