Introducing Horsham Fitness

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the inaugural Horsham Fitness Blog.

Katie and I set up Horsham Fitness as we are passionate about helping people and would like to work with you to achieve your optimum health and wellbeing.

We are looking to attain this through the creation of an environment and atmosphere where people of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to explore and develop their physical skills, enhance the quality of their lives, change habits, improve performance and have fun.

We see ourselves as catalysts for change, development and improvement and will put our best efforts into helping individuals towards their goals and realise their potential.

Through varied functional whole body workouts, creative games, team challenges and events in the great outdoors we will offer a truly dynamic and fun way to improve your fitness supported by sound nutritional and lifestyle advice.

We endeavour to cater for as many people as possible with varied session times, affordable prices, and flexible payment options (including PAYG).

Each training cycle will last for 6 weeks, (which is the optimal time for our neural pathways to embed new habits), followed by 1 week off to do your own thing. This timing also enables specific goal setting so that you can see and measure genuine results at the end of each cycle. If you can’t make the whole 6 weeks, no problem, you can join up at any time.

Working closely with HRUFC we plan to keep on developing our ideas and to fully utilise the magnificent expanse of fields and woodland available to us, to create a unique centre for training in the locality.

We aim to keep you stimulated and challenged and welcome your feedback at any time to help us improve and develop our programmes so that we ongoingly reflect your requirements.

All we ask is get here, stick with us, work hard and have fun.



We look forward to working with you.


Mark and Katie

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